Friday, April 15, 2011

The Three "R's"

Once upon a time the three "R's" stood for Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmatic ..... but not anymore.  Now you will find that they stand for something that makes a lot more sense - Reduce, Repair, and Recycle!  It really is something that I have always believed in - especially when it comes to vintage clothing and jewelry.  There is nothing more satisfying to me than finding an old, broken, beaded necklace from 50 years ago and taking it apart, cleaning it and transforming it into something totally new.  It brings out my creative side which just seems to not get used as often as I would like it to.  It also allows me to use my imagination and I find that can be extremely satisfying after spending so many hours on the computer.  Lately I have tried to balance my life more evenly by including more creative time along with all the mundane daily tasks that can make the day fly by and truly bog me down.

One example is my "timeless bracelet".  I have always collected vintage watches.  Having an overflowing cigar box full of them - I decided to combine them with some old bracelets and hence--my "timeless bracelet" came to be.  I usually try to place at least one working watch (usually the middle one) in the finished product but not always.  It makes a nice gift for anyone that appreciates all things vintage.  I have also sold a few of them on ebay and on Etsy   However, once I spend the time creating something so special I find that I get more satisfaction out of giving them to friends as gifts as opposed to selling them......go figure!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Displaying My Collections!

It's funny how we seem to accumulate 'things' while traveling along the path of our lives.  A trinket we pick up at a thrift store, a gift from a dear friend, a memento left to us by a beloved relative....somehow 'things' just seem to move into our lives and pile up.  Then before we realize it we are swamped with loads of stuff.  In order to justify our 'stuff'' we sometimes call ourselves "collectors".  Makes us seems less messy and maybe just a teeny bit more important. However, at times our collections can get out of hand and we all need to find a way to take know clear out the clutter, get rid of the not so great pieces.  I always try to be as imaginative as possible when displaying my collections.  This means sorting through, repairing, cleaning  and selecting the finest items in them.  I know it is work but well worth the effort.  Respecting each and every piece is a part of respecting yourself and your just all somehow seems to go together.  Well, that is just what I recently did!  Ahhh, I just love the time retirement allows me.

The first thing that I dealt with was my collection of vintage "mothers pins".  My son has always given me a vintage "mothers pin" on Mothers Day and I had a sizable collection just sitting in my jewelry box.  I thought there must be a better way to display them so I could enjoy them on a daily basis.  The thought came to me that pinning them on to a pillow might just be the way to do it.....and I was correct!  It was simple to do - yet the effect was fantastic.  Once I did that I was really onward and upward!
Next I dug out my Christmas pin collection - pinned them on to an old heart shaped pillow that I had!  Cute, cute, cute!   There was no stopping me!

Last, but certainly not least, was my  "rhinestone brooch" collection.  The only difference was - I asked my very talented sister-in-law, Karen, to sew up a black velvet pillow to display this pin collection.  She is super talented on the sewing machine , whereas I can barely sew a button on.  The effect was stunning!  Much better than my picture shows. Now all three pillows are in my studio where I can see them  every day.  When the sun hits them the glitz and glam just bedazzles the eye and makes me very, very happy!

For any beginner collectors out there check out my brooches and pins on Etsy  I am sure you will find something to interest you and at a affordable price.


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