Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yup....just when you thought it was know who turns up!  Here I am again with my latest project/creation.  I have named it: The Fascinator!  A special-one of a kind-very unique bracelet.

Have you ever noticed that with some vintage jewelry, the most beautiful part of the piece is THE CLASP - and oh, so sadly it is hidden in the back where no one can appreciate it? I have and I have decided to do something about it!! In my travels I often come across pieces that are too badly damaged and unwearable in their original form, but that doesn't mean they can't be rescued and upcycled into something new and gorgeous.

This 7" bracelet is made from six lovely vintage necklace clasps. There are vintage rhinestones, and faux pearls in six different clasps - all linked together to make a one of a kind, very unique piece that truly showcases an extremely under-appreciated element of vintage jewelry. Because all the clasps WORK - you can use either the ending clasp that I have added - or - the bracelet can be put on and taken off by undoing any of the clasp pieces in the bracelet. This is one accessory that is sure to get the wearer lots and lots of compliments and attention.  Really isn't that what we all crave sometimes - just a little attention.....nothing at all wrong with that!


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